>First corridor on the left... and it smells like stagnant water as you turn the corner.


The stagnant smell comes from the ‘standing’ water on the floor, about 20 feet down the hallway.  Bofbar notes to the group “This hallway be a slantin’ downward a bit. This could be trouble to those of us of shorter stature! Colm, I be thinkin that this water’ll be gettin’ deep… what thinks you, boy?”


Colm’s reply… “ Me not be likin’ this a’tall! Reminds me of somethin’ me father would say when we came upon an underground lake… ‘Still water runs deep’.  I say we be extra careful here. This water doesn’t look to be a runnin… but it could certainly run deep.”


Yumei chimes in, “This is fresh water, but stale. Must we enter here? Yumei have bad feeling here!”  “I sense no evil nearby, but I have a strange feeling as well” says Xian Lung.


At about 50 feet down the hall you find that the water is quite cold, but only 6 inches deep. There is a 5 foot wide opening on the right, and you notice that the water barely ‘flows’ out of the opening, and into the hallway. The room (about 15x20) appears empty, but even to an untrained eye, the floor can be seen to ‘slant away’ from the doorway. “That one be deep”, says Colm.


The water gets slightly deeper as you go. But your light shines further down and across the hallway, and into an open room.  In the far corner is a group of giant rats, chewing on what appears to be a man in armour!


[OOC- Based on previously agreed on marching order for a 10 foot wide hallway, I have the following:

Colm        Bofbar
Garrett     Xian Lung
Bridgett    Mithamm
Terryn      Gulbas
Yumei       Mystic

Basically, Colm, Bofbar, Garrett and Xian Lung are the only ones able to see into the room for now. Colm and Garrett “block” the entranceway. The room is approximately 20x20 and covered in water.]